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José Joaquim Palma Borralho


In 2017, the 124th birth anniversary of Jose Joaquin Palma Borralho, is being celebrated.

J.J. Palma Borralho was a benefactor to Cuba village, and was honored on May 2, 2009, with the award of his name to a street of Cuba.

He excelled in:

-Electricity: Contributed decisively to Cuba, since 1918 has been one of the first villages to have electric street lighting.

In order to appreciate how Cuba was special, 10 years later, only 28% of Portuguese major villages had electric streetlights.

The energy was produced by Palbor Factory (named JJ Palma Borralho initially), being used during the day for the operation of the cereals grinding machines and overnight for the the electricity supply to Cuba Village.

120 years later, due to the family joined determination and action was able to:

- Complete the Manor renovation where he lived and

- Produce energy once again, but this time from renewable sources (photovoltaic),

- Blend the best eco practices into the Manor, making it a 19th century eco Manor,

Jose Joaquim Palma Borralho

Jose Joaquim Palma Borralho

Jose Joaquim Palma Borralho

Jose Joaquim Palma Borralho

Jose Joaquim Palma Borralho

Jose Joaquim Palma Borralho



- Social Responsibility: helping the old primary school (1st cycle) with school supplies, food and buy fabrics for the gowns of students, as well as clothing and footwear for students with greater economic difficulties.
Also contributed food to provide school cafeteria meals.

Times were different, the difficulties many have older who often went to "Factory" - Palbor to ask for help to feed small children or other needs.

Along with some family members, set up and it fitted the old maternity hospital that existed in Cuba, as well as helped the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Cuba, being a benefactor.

The values ​​continue today, with the family strong sense of social responsibility by supporting various entities and initiatives.

- Industry: Palbor factory management for the production of flour.

- Agriculture: About 17 farms in Alentejo, with an area of ​​approximately 3,000 hectares.

- Politics: He served as Mayor of Cuba.

What is now the Garden next to the public swimming pool, it was in his time the landscaped garden, benefiting from a beautiful and artistic bandstand where regularly acted the Philharmonic Band of Cuba. This bandstand was destroyed, and years later built the current bandstand.

Originally from Cuba, born on May 14, 1895 and died on 27 March 1968 with 72 years.

He lived in the Borralho Manor all his life, but was not responsible for the construction of the Palace, as at the conclusion of the mansion would have only 18 years.

You are invited to unveil curious facts about the benefactor, Cuba and Alentejo at the time and through time with a dynamic approach.

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